The barn in July.  Things are still wet and green.

Corn along the road to the "red rock hill."

   "No corn's as tall as my daddy's corn."

Little Texas Farm, Reevesville, Illinois

Looking south off the clifftop in August.  Below is the field, "Solitude," which includes a wetland impoundment.  From here, we can use binoculars to spot beavers and snakes in the water, as well as woodpeckers, vultures, and other birds.  100 feet above the water.

From the barn porch, you can see north all the way over to the Trigg [fire lookout] tower.  That's where this storm was coming from.  But the storm drifted east.  We got no rain.  But quite a wind and a lot of noise.

      Sometimes its so hot,

I think I can hear the corn popping.