Leased for 2019

Little Texas Farm, Reevesville, Illinois

Entire Property Lease

Counties:  Johnson/Massac/Pope                                 Availability:  N/A
GPS:  37 20 11 N   88 43 01 W                                      Acreage:  600
Closest Community:  Reevesville, Illinois                     Duration of lease:  Annual
Seasons:  Deer

Lease:  Full season deer:     12,000 (1-6 hunters); 
additional  hunters 2500 ea to max of 10 total
            Full season  turkey:  2500  (1-6 hunters); 
additional  hunters 400 ea to max of 10 total

            Waterfowl:                1200  (1-6 hunters); additional  hunters 300 ea to max of 10 total
            3 season/annual:     13500 (1-6 hunters); 
additional  hunters 2000 ea to max of 10 total
            North:  Shawnee National Forest (difficult access from north)
            East:    Bay Creek (boat crossing only)

                        Adjoins property of Spook Spann (800 ac)
            South:  Conservation wetland (private)

ICGR railway tracks (rough crossing; rough ditch) and county road
Terrain:   Crop fields:  50%

               Old stand hardwoods 35%
               Oak planting 5%

               Creek/border woods 5%

               Creek/water 5%
Food plots:  6 
Hunting pressure:  Minimal.  Phusical barriers prevent all but blatant trespassers to enter