Leased for 2019

Little Texas Farm, Reevesville, Illinois

Just north of this field, in the Shawnee National Forest, is one of the northernmost Tupelo swamps (sloughs) in the country.  The slough is characteristic of the Cache River area of S. Illinois, a lowland thru which the Ohio River flowed prior to the last glacial melt, 12,000 years ago. 

County:  Pope                                                               Availability:  N/A
GPS:  37 20 225 N, 88 42 21 W                                     Acreage:  63
Closest Community:  Reevesville, Illinois                       Duration of lease:  Annual
Seasons:  Deer

Lease:  Full season deer:             1575 (1-2 hunters); 
additional  hunters 750 ea to max of 3 total
            Full season  turkey:         600 (1-2 hunters); 
additional  hunters 300 ea to max of 4 total
            2 season/annual lease:  2000 (1-4 hunters)
            North:  Shawnee National Forest slough (wading and boat crossing)
            East:    Shawnee National Forest
            South:  Gravel road and crop field
            West:   Sugar Creek (boat crossing)
Terrain:   Crop field 50%
               Bordered by trees and creek 40%

               Wetland impoundment 10%
Food plots:  None
Hunting pressure:  Private leases across creek to west and across road to south

                              Occasional hunters in Shawnee National Forest to east

* Property crosshatched in blue.  

Northeast Field:  "Refuge"