Little Texas Farm, Reevesville, Illinois

if you'd like to know more.  We're very informal.  Spend an hour, an  afternoon, or an overnight.  Offerings vary by season.  Southern Illinois is an interesting and historic part of America.  

What else?

  • Walk in the woods
  • Cross a beaver dam
  • Ride on a hay wagon
  • Eat tomatoes off a vine
  • See stars!  Lots of them.
  • Look for eagles
  • Fly a kite
  • Watch corn grow
  • ​Drive all the field edges
  • Watch the windmill turn
  • ​Learn the history of the area

*We can't do horses, cows, or pigs.  We don't keep animals *

So what can we do?

  • Watch sunrise or sunset.  Or both.
  • Feed fish in the ponds
  • Catch fish from the ponds
  • Spend time on the screened in porch
  • Nap
  • Read beneath a willow tree
  • Watch hawks, bluebirds, and vultures
  • Watch bees bring in pollen​

I'm not sure whether I like sunrise or sunset best.  At sunrise, the colors are crisp in the clear air.  But at sunset -- if I'm lucky -- I get to hear coyotes yipping.

Busy people have a hard time sitting still.  Texts/tweets/social media updates/walking the pets/sports/getting the kids out....  Endless obligations.

     Sure, at Little Texas, we have television and web access.  But, to appreciate the charm of a day in the country, you need to leave all the distractions in the car.

      There's not much to do here.  It's so quiet.